Cascabel and Braze

These were tha folks that first “showed us tha ropes” when we turned pirate. They’ve been in the business longer’n just about anyone else, and really know their stuff. Thankee an a tip o tha tricorn to ‘em!
for Cascabel; for Braze.

Archangel Crew

These folks say they sometimes be Pirate Hunters, and they seem to show up at a lot of the bigger events we do, which be making us nervous tha way they be handling blades with right smart skill. But when it comes ta period correct, they be about tha best we've seen. Don't rightly know wheres they gets their clothes; barter, steals, or makes 'em I guess.

Blackbeard's Crew

"Rightly feared for their strength, this crew based out of the port of Hampton Virginia is a salty lot, great with all the skills and arts of the sailor, which is what pirates were after all, men and women of the sea."

Maine Academy of Staged Combat
(Mark Bedell)

Mark is one really fantastic fight coach, an yer can lay ta that! He be a certified fight director, his stuntman experience in films be extensive, and tha bucko be so easy to work with. Anything we did in 2010 that looks right good is his work, the rest is all ours, matey.

Angela Bonacasa

Angela Bonacasa is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors, and works across the country as a stage combat teacher and fight director. But we are lucky she makes her home base in Maine when she isn't off somewhere creating mayhem and murder. She started working with us in the 2011 season on blades and unarmed combat and, as she calls 'em, really, really "gnarly" cat fights. Thanks Angela, an a toast of rum to ya, fer yer patience and skill.

Olga Oros

Although she be from Hungary, Olga now works primarily out of New York. We wuz lucky to have her do the two videos we produced in 2010 & 2012 because she has a knack fer catchin' all tha good stuff an' making us look a lot better than we really are.